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Are you a Chef?

No, I’m a home cook and self-taught. And I respect those who have the official credentials and acquired the title.

Is it fine if I call you Chef?

I have tried to correct being called Chef many times, that I have stopped now.

Where does your inspiration for cooking comes from?

I almost always have others in mind when I cook, to connect them around the table and using food as a medium of communication.

When will you invite me to come eat your food?

Uuhmm! I always get stuck when asked this question, I get stuck between thinking It’s hypothetical or real or an adoration of what I’ve posted? Hahahaha – anyways If I could invite everyone who asks, I will run out of money.

 Do you eat everything you cook and bake?

Hahahahaha this question literally makes me laugh. How am I to give recipes or cook for clients if I don’t taste the food? Okay, the answer is yes, I taste everything but I don’t eat everything.

 Can you teach me how to cook?

Definitely, if it’s possible to do it physically I would.

How do I cook like you?

You can follow my blog and to see how I cook at a personal level. However, I always reiterate that cooking is a personal experience therefore, you need to listen to your instincts more and enjoy the process. If you enjoy the process the end product will tell.

Can I have a recipe?

Yes and No. Sometimes I post pictures of creations where there is no recipe written down. When it’s available I share, but please don’t ask for recipes on the business page.

Who’s your graphic designer?

Me, I do the food styling and the photography work.

What do you use for your photos?

 I use my iPhone to take photos and edit with Lightroom and sometime the iPhone editing feature.

When are you writing a cookbook?

I actually did write a mini one and gave it for free, it’s on my blog but you will need WIFI to download it seems too big for mobile data.





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