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Japanese Matcha Pancakes

Japanese Matcha Pancakes


Two of my friends know that for some time, I was so eager about getting my hands on Matcha, a Japanese and Chinese green tea with powerful antioxidants, that are made up of 60% catechin polyphenols.  Matcha is also used for detoxing and cleansing, as it is super better than regular green tea, since it consists of chlorophyll, which makes Matcha boost the immune system, help to clear skin, and protects the heart with its amino acids, known as L-Theanine Matcha enhances energy and focus. There are many other benefits that Matcha has, such as, cancer prevention, weight loss and reduces stress. It is no wonder that I was so obsessed about it. As a foodie and cook, I need it, since I experiment with a lot of ingredients and eat different kind of foods. If I top that with other life responsibilities, a cup (which is equivalent to 10 regular green tea cups) a day keeps the doctor away.


Although I obsessed about it for months, I didn’t know where to get it locally, until my friend Kim, kept looking out for me in wellness shops, however the price was too costly, and the quantity too small. So, I decided to keep looking for an affordable one, and fortunately for me, as I was still looking I found out about the Japan Day Exhibition near my area. The exhibition had some of the Japanese products, including Matcha. This discovery got me so excited and grateful, and now I’m bringing you my new development, that is, Matcha Pancakes. I hope you will enjoy the pancakes as I did, and I cannot believe the energy I had today that I even skipped my Sunday midday nap as a result, I’m not complaining though:-)



85g Butter, melted

200g Unbleached Cake Flour

2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

¾ Teaspoons Bicarbonate of Soda

Pinch of Salt

16g Matcha Powder

2 Extra-large Eggs

45g Castor Sugar

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Paste

290ml Buttermilk

90ml Full Cream Milk

  1. Sieve flour and matcha together into a medium mixing bowl, then add baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt and sugar, and mix.
  2. On the side (in a large mixing jug or medium bowl), pour milk, buttermilk, add eggs and whisk until the eggs are well incorporated, then add butter and mix.
  3. Pour the wet ingredients onto the flour and matcha mixture, and whisk until it becomes smooth. Meanwhile, heat a medium or large non-stick pan on the stove, on medium heat.
  4. Using an ice cream scoop, spoon the batter into the hot and ready pan,  and cook the pancakes until the upper side has bubbles and blistering,  flip and cook the second side, each side should cook for about a minute or so.
  5. Serve with Maple syrup (or honey) and whipped cream. And you can add any of your favourite toppings. Serves 4 to 6.
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and not giving medical advice about this tea, please do your own research and consult a doctor before using it for medical reasons.

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