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Blog Name Change to From Andiswa’s Table

From Andiswa’s Table

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One of my oldest friends, whom I refer to as my “cousin”; sent me a gift, a book titled ‘At My Table’. And this took me to a short memory down lane. Truly, to a dream I have always had ever since having been aware of my life’s purpose. That is, to have people around the table. There is just something about sitting around the table and forget about the world, but immerse in the moment of NOW, to engage with the people around the table, and just be present.

To quote myself, in my company’s website (read here ) where I wrote that, “Nowadays we share people’s attention with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and emails. It is my ultimate goal that, when I cook and prepare food, you will have no choice but to enjoy yourself wholeheartedly and disconnect from the world, except of course if you want to post a picture of the meal from Hostess and Cook for your friends to see.” I strongly believe that around the table is where we connect and reconnect as the people, it’s where we get to hear about how other people’s day were, it’s where we get to hear about ideas, dreams and what our siblings, friends, partners and children are interested in. It only takes that one hour out of the 24 hours we are given per day, to truly connect and engage. Of course, this picture that I am painting to you right now, would never be possible without a good and tasty home-cooked meal.

Thus, it is no doubt that my blog name had to change to fit my long-lived narrative. It is also my hope that all the recipes, I share with you here will definitely make your life less difficult and answer the frequently asked questions by every household, that is, “what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner?”. Not only will my recipes be answering the preordained questions – they will, without doubt, answer the sweet-tooth question, being, “what’s for desserts?”. I must also tell you, that, my cooking and baking is inspired by innumerable events, places, and people. Like my chocolate cake titled ‘Don’t judge a cake by its cover’– this delicious work of art was inspired firstly by having too much chocolate at my place, secondly, because everything tastes better with chocolate, and thirdly, for home-cooks that do not have special equipment that professional baking requires. I imagined that, if you are going to have guests around your table, they do not really care about the small details but mostly about the taste, and to quench the hunger. Likewise, there is absolutely nothing wrong in home-baked goods looking as such.

All the recipes you will get here, are From My Table, however, more importantly so, they are from my heart, and with love. And I pray that, you will enjoy them and pour love into your dishes, as it is the only secret ingredient that I know there is.


Enjoy xx  

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