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Sake, Lime and Soy Sauce Norwegian Salmon

Let me just be honest with you, this is one very simple and easy meal to make, but it is very costly. That is because, the most expensive ingredients here are, the salmon and the Japanese Sake. I swear, if I did not go for a “treasure hunt” which to me, means; ingredients shopping – where I found the Japanese Sake that inspired this meal; I would probably be blogging about something else instead.

What actually brought this meal about, was my insatiable quest for Sake, since I first found out about it, 5-6 years ago. I think I stopped looking for it, after the 3rd year but it was always buried somewhere in my subconscious mind. You know what they say, that, “the universe conspires in your favour”. So, it is no surprise that, I accidentally found it in my regular store when I was running my errands. I cannot describe my excitement, such that I wish, I was writing in third person; that way I could describe my kid-like excitement. Let me quickly introduce you to Sake (pronounced as ‘Saki’):

Sake is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from rice, which is why it is sometimes called, rice wine (the alcoholic version). But to me, when tasted it – it did not taste like any other regular rice wine, it has an elusive taste like vodka. Sake belongs in the food products such as soy sauce and miso, which are standard seasoning products for Japanese foods. Sake is made with a rice, called sake rice, which has grains that are a bit larger than normal everyday rice.

Another interesting ingredient I found while excited about Sake, was the lime infused oil. I love baking with limes, the taste of the oil blew my palates away with its impeccable flavoursome lime taste. And at the time, when selecting it, I had my amazing Yellow and Lime Cake in my mind. However though, I found myself adding it to my Sake marinate sauce and I totally loved it. I was especially impressed, about how it made my wild rice tastier and fragrant. As a result, I cannot wait to find out how my cake will taste with it. As mentioned above, this meal is very simple to make and has blasting flavours from the lime oil, Sake and Soy Sauce –  which makes it an everyday meal. That is, of course, if the inflation rate plummets soon. For now, I would only serve it as a treat😊

I hope that you try this recipe and share your experiences with me.


4 Norwegian Salmon Fillets (small)

45ml Japanese Sake

30ml Thick Soy Sauce

30ml Lime Infused Oil

Salt and Pepper

1 Tablespoon Honey

20ml Olive oil, for cooking

  1. See note before you start preparing.
  2. Mix the sake, honey, lime oil, salt, pepper and soy sauce in a small mixing bowl. Put the salmon fillets in a large zipper bag and marinate the salmon in it for 30 minutes.
  3. Heat olive oil on a large non-stick frying pan, on medium heat.
  4. Cook the salmon for 3 minutes on the skin side and then turn the salmon over, and cook for 2 minutes.
  5. Take out the salmon and cover with foil, then add the salmon marinade on the pan and cook for 2 minutes.
  6. Put the salmon onto the serving plate, and drizzle it with the dark sake, lime and soy sauce glaze
  7. Serve with rice, warm veggies or rice noodles. Although optional, if you are serving if with rice, you may want to infuse it with lime oil and slightly season it with salt.


  • Note: you may double the glaze ingredients for extra glaze if you are using medium to big fillets and serving four people. This recipe served 2.

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