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Welcome to My Blog


Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog, my name is Andiswa Skweza, a girl in search of new food experiences and everything with chocolate (especially dark chocolate), spices and nuts.

Some of you might know me as the founder of Hostess and Cook (PTY) LTD  ( and I would like to clarify that with this blog, although it is about food, it is not a flagship or spinoff of the company, but just a personal blog about my food experiences. Therefore, anything related to booking my team and I for catering, cooking in a professional setup and client related matters will not be dealt with here. E-mail for bookings and quotations please.

You are welcome to post your comments on the comment box of each post published here. I am truly looking forward to sharing my personal food experiences with you and hope you will enjoy this with me.

Thank you,  💕


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